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Yearly Archives: 2015

What’s Your Fear?

October 12, 2015

Fear your dentist?   Scared of spiders? Afraid of spine surgery?  Most people have minor fears. But when a fear becomes so severe that they cause tremendous anxiety and interfere with your normal life they’re called phobias. Both fear and phobias can

When to use a wheelchair

Deciding when to use a wheelchair is an emotional decision. Most people are reluctant to even think about it. But if the lack of mobility is preventing you from doing things which you want to do and enjoy, then you

Little People

October 10, 2015

Some people are more prone to spinal disorders than others. People with short statures such is a achondroplastic dwarfs and various cultures are associated with spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis can be found in two areas of the spine, either in

Misdiagnosed Back Pain

Misdiagnosed back pain is all too common in the modern healthcare world. The wrong diagnosis may take many forms. There may be structural issues which are discounted, innocent or benign appearing abnormalities which are blamed for pain, disease process which


Can’t get out of bed in the morning?  Can’t straighten up? Injuries to the neck and back may vary from major trauma where a patient sustains a fracture or dislocation to minor trauma or soft tissue injury. Major trauma requires

Heat or Ice?

September 28, 2015

Patients always ask physicians if they should use heat or ice on an injured or painful area of their body. As a general rule is often recommended that ice can be used for the first 24 hours of pain to decrease

Spinal Aging or the Degenerative Cascade

Degenerative disc disease can sound quite frightening to someone hearing about it for the first time. Let us alleviate your fears by telling you that this really isn’t a disease, but a natural process that we all go through. A


Causation is the act or process of causing. Also, it may be the act or agency that produces an effect.  In medicine, we are frequently asked whether an accident caused a physical finding or a patient’s complaint.  According to Duhaime’s

Belly Wraps and Binders

What’s a belly wrap? A belly wrap is a product that claims to aid people to lose abdominal weight faster during a workout. The claim is that the belly wrap heats up the midsection area during a workout that is

Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology taping is the use of an elastic tape that may be applied to an injured part of the body. You see this quite often with athletes. This type of taping allows for a range of motion. Kinesio tape may be