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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Truck Driver’s Back

May 16, 2016

Back pain is a serious problem for long-distance drivers. Workers in certain professions such as long-distance truck drivers are more prone to developing low back pain. The constant vibration accelerates the degeneration of one’s discs. The inactivity may also result

Treadmill Desk

May 12, 2016

Office workers are generally sedentary during the workday. It is well-known that a sedentary lifestyle has an increased risk for diabetes, obesity, cancer, heart disease and generally a lower than average life expectancy. In order for office workers to get

Which Carbs Are Good For You?

May 11, 2016

One does not have to be afraid of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates do have a place in a healthy diet. Granted some carbohydrates have no nutritional value most are high in fiber and are filled with vitamins and minerals. The three macronutrients

Prehospital Spinal Immobilization

May 10, 2016

The standard of care for victims of penetrating or blunt trauma has been prehospital spinal immobilization. Any trauma which has a consistent magnitude of force to damaged the spinal column has historically been protected. Regardless of a patient’s symptoms,  the

Feel Lightening Going Down Your Arm or Leg?

May 9, 2016

Radiculopathy is the result of a compressed nerve causing pain that radiates into the arm or leg. The compression of the nerve may be either an acute episode, from either a whiplash injury, disc herniation or additional traumatic episode such

Slipped Disc

May 6, 2016

The term slipped disc is a complete misnomer. The slipping of a disk implies that the disk may be returned back to its original location. This interpretation is completely false. A disc is either normal, degenerative, bulging or herniated. A

Tennis Ball Therapy

May 5, 2016

A simple tennis ball may be used as a massage tool to self-treat muscle knots and myofascial trigger points. Not everyone knows about this tennis ball thing. I first learned about the use of tennis balls when I had chronic

Facet Joint Arthritis

May 4, 2016

Facet joint disease, often simply referred to as facet syndrome, is a condition that affects the facet joints as we age. When the cartilage in the facet joint begins to deteriorate the body tries to heal the instability by growing

Building Muscle Mass

May 3, 2016

Exercise is important to build muscle mass. But how can you gain more muscle mass with less time for training? The secret is in nutrition. Here are lists of the top 10 foods to build muscle mass: Lean beef Skinless


Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. It may be played on both indoor and outdoor courts. It is a fast-moving game that requires a lot of skill in order to shoot, dribble, pass, play defense