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Facet Rhizotomy

May 31, 2017

Facet joints are the second and third legs of a three legged stool when it comes to lumbar spine. The three legs of the stool are disc, facet joint and other facet joint. Occasionally, facet joints rather than the disc

Thoracic and Lumbar Fractures

March 27, 2017

A thoracic or lumbar spinal fracture is a serious injury. A thoracic fracture is a fracture of the upper back, while a lumbar fracture is a fracture of the low back. The most common cause of these injuries are motor

Therapeutic Exercise

February 14, 2017

The incorporation of therapeutic exercise into a rehabilitation program is extremely important unless contraindicated. Therapeutic exercise helps to reduce pain and increased function in nearly all musculoskeletal injuries. But not all rehabilitation programs are the same. Occasionally a program is

Spinal Stenosis

January 5, 2017

Spinal stenosis can be found in two areas of the spine, either in the cervical or the lumbar section. Both of these forms of stenosis can be just as painful and debilitating as the other. However, cervical stenosis is much

How’s Your Neck?

December 13, 2016

A giraffe towers over humans, yet the giraffe has the exact same number of vertebrae in their neck as a human. Scientists continue to scratch their heads about the exact evolutionary path the animal’s ancestors took to develop this unique

What is Hypochondriasis?

November 21, 2016

Hypochondriasis is described as a type of somatoform disorder or mental illness where a person has symptoms of medical illness. The symptoms cannot be fully explained by actual physical disorder, but researchers consider this as an anxiety disorder. People with

Spinal Fusion Procedure

October 31, 2016

A spinal fusion is when 2 or more blocks of bone (vertebra) are made into one. Due to improper alignment or incompetency to maintain alignment, the spine begins to injure nerves or places the spinal cord or nerves at risk for

Sit on the Fence

September 16, 2016

To sit on the fence means to have a difficult time making a decision. Fear of making the wrong decision can be punishing. Failure to make the correct decision may be due to poor decision-making methodology. A gut instinct can

Rig Injuries

August 31, 2016

Injuries to the neck and back may vary from major trauma where a patient sustains a fracture or dislocation to minor trauma or soft tissue injury. Major trauma requires multisystem evaluation and treatment. Treatment may vary from an orthosis or

Walking for Weight Loss

August 18, 2016

Arthritis affects cartilage, which is the smooth protective tissue that covers bones where they meet and allows them to glide and move easily. When one develops arthritis, the cartilage wears away, and the bone rubs together, making it hard to