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Facet Joint Disease

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Facet Joint Disease

What is Facet Joint Disease?

Facet joint disease, often simply referred to as facet syndrome, is a condition that affects the facet joints as they age. When the cartilage in a facet joint begins to deteriorate the body tries to heal the instability by growing more bone. These bony growths are called bone spurs or osteophytes.

In more advanced cases, symptoms of Facet Joint Disease can closely resemble other conditions such as a herniated disc or an infection. Depending on the severity of your case, treatment can range from simple ablation or “block” procedures to cutting off affected nerve endings. In more serious cases, Spinal fusion procedures may be recommended.


What Condition is the Source of my
Back or Neck Pain?

Do you experience chronic pain, and wonder what condition may be its source? Gulf Coast Spine Center offers it's free online Pain Mapping Tool to help you better understand the underlying cause of your back pain.

Our tool will give you access to a definitive diagnosis from a world renowned spine surgeon with over 20 years experience. You will also be able to explore your various treatment options.

What treatment does GCSC recommend for my
Back or Neck Pain?

Conditions of the spine can be attributed to a variety of factors. Their symptoms can also present in many, sometimes common ways. It is essential that our medical experts review your history and pain in order to accurately provide you with an honest evaluation of your treatment options. In order to get this information GCSC offers a completely free online tool to securely provide the information our surgeons need.

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