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Fibromyalgia is a disorder that is characterized by chronic widespread pain and a heightened and painful response to pain. The exact cause is unknown. Fibromyalgia is felt to be a central nervous system disorder that is described as a central sensitization syndrome that is caused by neurobiological abnormalities that produced pain and cognitive impairments. Fibromyalgia is estimated to affect 2 to 4% of the population with females outnumbering males 7:1. It most commonly occurs between the ages of 20 and 50.


  • Chronic widespread pain
  • Fatigue sleep disturbance
  • Heightened pain response to touch
  • Tingling of the skin
  • Prolonged muscle spasms
  • Weakness in the limbs
  • Nerve pain
  • Muscle twitching
  • Cognitive impairment

What triggers symptoms:

  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Too much or too little rest
  • Too much or too little exercise
  • Weather changes

Diagnosis is based upon a history of pain lasting more than three months and tender points.


  • Psychological therapies (biofeedback, meditation)
  • Medications (including antidepressants, anti-seizure medications, opioids and others)
  • Exercise
  • Low-level laser therapy
  • Injection therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage

Conditions that mimic fibromyalgia:

  • Cancer
  • Infectious diseases (i.e. hepatitis, Epstein-Barr virus and AIDS)
  • Elevated blood calcium
  • Bone diseases (Paget’s disease)
  • Low thyroid hormone levels
  • Vitamin D insufficiency
  • Parathyroid disease
  • Muscle diseases (polymyositis)

If you experience pain your muscles that last for several months and is accompanied by significant fatigue one should see their doctor.

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Howard B. Cotler, MD, FACS, FAAOS is board certified and recertified in Orthopedic Surgery. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery and the American College of Surgeons.

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