The most common treatments for spinal stenosis include exercise, activity modification, and epidural injections.

Exercise for spinal stenosis, although not always targeted at treating the patients stenosis specifically,  is used to keep the patient as active and mobile as possible. Walking is not a suggested activity unless the patient is walking while bent forward over a walker or shopping cart.

Activity modification is a treatment that is exactly as it is described, modifying activity so that it causes less pain. Most people that have spinal stenosis will find that they are more comfortable while bent forward.

Epidural injection for back pain can help to temporarily relieve spinal stenosis symptoms making it easier for a patient to perform physical therapy as well as live a much more active lifestyle.

It should be noted that patients who do well with epidural injections for their spinal stenosis have good results with spinal stenosis surgery if it is later recommended as a permanent solution. Surgery usually involves taking pressure off the nerves to relieve leg pain, just like opening the doors to a room.

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