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Howard B. Cotler
Howard B. Cotler, MD, is board certified and recertified in orthopaedic surgery. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery and the American College of Surgeons.

About Gulf Coast Spine Care

Learn more about Gulf Coast Spine Care and how we can help turn your back on disability.

Back Basics: Getting My Life Back

Kati Tittel shares how the quality of her daily life was greatly improved through her treatment with Dr. Howard Cotler.

Back Basics: Back On the Golf Course & Pain Free

Golf enthusiast Eddie Alldredge shares his personal experience as a patient of Dr. Howard Cotler, and how his successful treatment has resulted in a pain-free life.

Laser Therapy Patient Testimonials

Watch the video to hear Jackie, Theresa, and Carol talk about their experience with Laser Therapy.

Back Pain Patient Success Stories

Renee speaks of her amazing post-operative results under the care of Dr. Howard Cotler.

Sandra Hire

Occupation: Astronaut Team Member

To: Dr. Howard Cotler.
Thanks for straightening Sandra out for us!!
STS-90 Crew

Steve Riddle

Dr. Cotler,
My name is Steve Riddle. June 20, 99 you operated on my neck to repair a degenerative disc. At the time I knew I had a good deal of pain, but only now that I have been pain free for a year do I know how bad it was.

I’m writing you this letter to tell you how gratefull I am for you being the doctor you are. The one who put me back together who made it possible to work again and to enjoy activities with my family again.

So many times I have just stopped and thought how good I feel.

A thank you doesn’t seem like words enough, but please know I do thank you, I mean it from the heart.

Please tell your staff I appreciate them as well I was always made to feel welcome in your office and not just another name on a folder.

Thanks again Dr.Cotler
your friend,
Steve Riddle

Paul Bivens

Occupation: Fire Fighter

Thanks Doc.
For helping me get back to where I belong.

John Miller

Occupation: State Trooper

Dr.Cotler & Staff
Thank you for fixing my back, and arresting my pain!
God Bless
Sgt. John Miller

Betty Okino

Occupation: Olympic Bronze Medal Winning Gymnast

Dr. Cotler,
Thanks for fixing my back, without your help my Olympic Dream would have never come true.
Betty Okino

Terry Holland

Occupation: 1987 Mesquite Bull Riding Champion

Thanks for screwing me back together.

Doug Young

Occupation: World Champion Powerlifter

To Howard Cotler
Thank you for the new back, and another chance at life.
Doug Young

Dr. Jim Arisco

“I met Dr Cotler 30 years ago while I was doing an internship. I was impressed with his ability and patient car. 20 years ago I hurt my back, I was 34 and scared I was going to have back surgery. He took great care of me, recommended I lose weight and exercise. I consider him God sent and I can’t recommend him highly enough!”

Donna Felder-Rucker

You brought my body successfully through 3 grueling times in my life. The 360 fusion on my lumbar spine was the first, followed over the next several years, with the cervical ones. Our memories will likely differ, but the day Rufus and I came in to your office for the last one and you went pale (I called it sheet white) with the realization of my injury, after seeing the films I brought to you, I felt truly cared for and loved by my doctor!
Read Donna’s Full Testimonial

James Stanley


“Let me start by saying I’ve never written a recommendation for a Dr. I met with Dr. Cotler in 2012 out of desperation to try and win back some kind of quality of life. After 3 back surgeries (with another surgeon) that had left me in worse shape than when I started, out of desperation I found Dr. Cotler and it proved to be a lifesaver. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Cotler! He was never 1 minute late for 1 appointment and did everything that he said and more. I had a spinal fusion and hardware from S1-L3 and have been given a second chance.”

Oracle IOM, LLC


“Dr. Howard Cotler MD, FACS, FABOS is certainly one of the best. But more impressive than his academic and professional accomplishments is his how much he cares about his patients and their well being.”

A Doctor’s Quest

A doctor takes an oath,
through his magic work. He is not to boast.

His job is to give the best medical are,
when medical insurance has become a bear.

But, there is one dotor in Houston that strives to be the best,
in a doctor’s market that contantly gives him a test.

The nurses at the hospital love to work with him,
but said, working for him would be tough as sin.

He is definetly a perfectionist without any doubt,
and he moves with precision like mapping a route.

You can see that his heart and soul are in his work,
and his eyes will tell you that he cares for your hurt.

He study’s your x-rays with that caring look,
and his mastered surgical hands are not in any medical book.

With his bedside manner he makes you feel,
that through his grace and skill you will be healed.

His indian witch doctors are on every wall.
that gives him the power to make patient’s stand tall.

His wall of thank you’s are second to none,
that make many doctors envy for what he has done.

He surrounds himself with a great medical team,
which in his eyes are supreme.

So what is Howard Cotler’s medical quest?


be be the BEST!
Patient 1/23/03